Chironow Loveland is a family-owned-and-operated clinic in Loveland that offers high-quality chiropractic and physical services. We understand your time and money are precious — that’s why we offer sports physicals with NO appointment necessary.

Thanks to the style of our family-friendly walk-in clinic, rather than spending a fortune and worrying about appointment availability, you can simply visit our office at your best convenience. We make our sports physical process quick and easy, and they usually only take 10 minutes or less.

Visit our Loveland office today for your next sports physical or full-body chiropractic adjustment.  

Special Offer:
Sports Physical + Chiro Adjustment


About Our Certified Chiropractor

Dr. Ryan Enriquez has a Pre-Participation Physical Examination Certification, which is necessary for implementing all your sports physical needs.

He was the junior chiropractic doctor for the Oakland Athletics’ professional baseball team prior to moving to Colorado, and he is highly qualified to identify physical limitations and handicaps, if necessary.

With our quick and easy walk-in structure at Chironow Loveland, Dr. Enriquez can quickly see you or your child for any required sports physicals you might need. Get ready for your season and visit our Loveland chiropractic office today!

What To Expect

Sports physicals are a required component for most sports programs in order to ensure that you or your child is in good physical condition to play any specified sport. These are required to reduce the number of injuries or potentially harmful health issues before you or your child decides to participate in your sport of choice.

Here’s what you can expect from a general sports physical examination:

  • Inspection of ear, nose and throat areas
  • Reflex, coordination and strength checks
  • Inspection of vision, hearing, height and weight
  • Checking of joint flexibility, spinal alignment, posture and mobility
  • And more!

If you have any further questions about our sports physical examinations, please give us a call today.

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On top of high-quality and efficient sports physical services, we’re known in the Loveland community for providing excellent chiropractic adjustment services. Our mission is to educate, empower and elevate each of our patients to help them live their best lives.

If you’re looking for physical or chiropractic services in Loveland, look no further than Chironow Loveland. You can beat our simple walk-in service structure, and our experienced chiropractor will help you to not only relieve your pain, but also enhance your overall quality of life. Visit our office today.

Again, we have a special $50 offer for clients who walk in for both a sports physical and chiropractic adjustment.
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