RockTape is a special kind of tape known as kinesiology tape. It’s made from 97% cotton and 3% nylon. The adhesive is a hypo-allergenic, acrylic based and contains no latex. First used by acupuncturists and chiropractors in Japan, today kinesiology tape is used by practitioners throughout the world to treat injuries and improve sports performance.

While the use of kinesiology tape is often associated with professional and Olympic athletes, medical professionals have been using it to alleviate a wide variety of
ailments, not just sports injuries.

So how does RockTape work?
For one, it turns down the volume on pain. More specifically it can alter the pain signals which are directed to the brain, resulting in a
decreased perceived sensation of pain. RockTape also decompresses an area of swelling and inflammation, leading to faster healing times. It’s also been shown to
delay fatigue, normalize muscle tone and distribute physical stress, which means better performance on and off the field.

Dr. Ryan is one of the few FMT 1 & 2 Certified providers in the Front Range area. Chironow Loveland is your premier walk-in chiropractic office specializing in full body adjustments and the use of RockTape!

RockTape can be used on:

  • Sports injuries
  • Postural conditions
  • Back pain
  • Neck pain
  • Strains/Sprains
  • Inflammation
  • Edema
  • Performance enhancement
  • And more!
  • Cost: $10