Just like with Degenerative Disc Disease more than 3 million new cases of herniated disc or spinal herniated discs occur every year. Other names associated with herniated disc are bulging disc and ruptured disc. This condition may arise from weakness within the vertebrae caused by aging or from injury such as trauma like a car accident.

Disc herniation occurs when the soft “jelly like” cushion within the disc protrudes through a tear in the harder exterior portion of the disc between vertebrae. The “jelly like” portion of the disc spills into nearby nerves causing inflammation; this may result in pain, weakness and numbness. However, some people may never be sympathetic. Pain from a herniated disc may be felt in the neck, arm, back, leg, or foot depending on the region of the disc. Herniated discs can have muscular and sensory symptoms like muscles spasms, overactive reflexes, “pins and needles” and tingling sensations. A medical diagnosis is required. Imaging is also needed to assess for proper diagnosis.

Chiropractic adjustments can drastically improve herniated disc symptoms. With proper spine alignment; adequate space between vertebrae and discs help to decrease inflammation and pain. Adjustments also improve circulation bringing nutrient rich blood to damaged tissue and strengthen vertebrae. Other therapies for herniated disc or discs include anti-inflammatory medications, stretching, and physical therapy. For more severe cases epidural steroid injections and surgery may be an option.

If you suffer from herniated discs, Degenerative Disc Disease, or back pain get an adjustment before going the medication or more extreme route for treatment. At Chironow Loveland we believe in a natural approach. For, a chiropractor simply aligns the spine from neck to sacrum so the body can then properly heal itself. As Hipprocrates stated 460 BC “look well to the spine for the cause of disease.”