1. Piriformis Syndrome

    Do you have pain in the buttock region that is accompanied by numbness and tingling along the back of the leg and into the foot? Well, you could possibly have Piriformis Syndrome, which is a condition in which the piriformis muscle spasms and causes pain in the buttock region.  The piriformis spasm…Read More

  2. Osteoarthritis

    More than 15 million Americans will be diagnosed with Osteoarthritis this year. Some people may find the symptoms are easily managed while others suffer daily from stiffness and joint pain. Osteoarthritis or OA  is the most common type of arthritis. Osteoarthritis is a common condition especially a…Read More

  3. Headaches

    The neck or Cervical spine is a working network of nerves, bones, joints and muscles which all coordinate together to provide strength, stability and nerve communication. The brain and the spinal cord are responsible for directing this effort. A variety of conditions can occur in the Cervical spine,…Read More

  4. Herniated Disc

    Just like with Degenerative Disc Disease more than 3 million new cases of herniated disc or spinal herniated discs occur every year. Other names associated with herniated disc are bulging disc and ruptured disc. This condition may arise from weakness within the vertebrae caused by aging or from inju…Read More

  5. Degenerative Disc Disease

    There are more than 3 million new cases of Disc Degenerative Disease every year in the United States. At Least 30% of people ages 30-50 years old will have some degree of disc degeneration with or without symptoms or formal diagnosis. Over the age of 60 it is normal to have some degree of disc degen…Read More