My Bio

My name is Dr. Ryan Enriquez and I’m a graduate of Life Chiropractic College West, which is located in the San Francisco Bay area. During my time in the Bay area, I was awarded multiple clinical awards for patient care. I am dedicated to serving the Northern Colorado community with the chiropractic adjustment and principle, and I’m always striving to improve my skills and understanding of the human body. I am certified in Rocktape’s Fascial Movement Taping 1 & 2, and I am trained in techniques such as MLS, Upper Cervical Knee Chest, Activator, Thompson Drop Table and Diversified — just to name a few. My skill set can accommodate any patient, ranging from the young and healthy athlete looking to improve their performance to the person who suffers from chronic pain and is ready to live a normal life.

Using modern techniques and a stylistic approach to chiropractic, I provide a comprehensive and
focused care plan that is as unique to the individual I am working on. My style was honed and
developed from working alongside the Oakland Athletics’ Head Team Doctor and LCCW professor. By
using a non-invasive approach of adjusting the spine and extremities, combined with adjunctive soft
tissue therapy and Rocktape, my goal is to decrease pain and achieve better movement with each
patient. Instead of focusing on symptoms alone, I look at the whole body from a bio-mechanical and
functional standpoint to properly diagnose and stop the repetitive injury cycle.

I enjoy spending my spare time with my family, hiking, working out and exploring all the fun and beauty that Colorado offers!

Our Mission

Our mission at ChiroNow Loveland is to educate, empower and elevate every patient to a higher level of performance in a hassle-free and casual walk-in environment. We strive to not only relieve pain, but enhance your overall well-being and quality of life. We are extremely passionate about making an impact and connecting with the Loveland community, so we will continue to provide the best care at reasonable prices. We are currently working on finding ways to give back to the community through various organizations and outreach programs — so stay tuned!